I Can Make Dentistry Easier For You

I Can Make Dentistry Easier For You
0 November 5, 2015

I want to meet people who consider themselves difficult dental patients because I have the solution to their difficulty:  rubber dam.

Very often, patients have been told by their dentist that, through no fault of their own, they are a difficult dental patient.  Usually the dentist is referring to either a small mouth or a large tongue either of which can make detailed work difficult.  The dentist does the best he can but it is a struggle for all.  Either the patient suffers or the quality of the dentistry suffer, or both.

I am a dentist who ROUTINELY isolates my surgical field with rubber dam.  For this reason, I can honestly say that although I am a dentist, I do not work in my patient’s mouth.  I work in front of an isolating screen of latex (or non-latex in case of allergies).

The benefits to the patient and dentist:  (1) Confidence that water, tooth matter, or dental materials will not be swallowed or aspirated; (2) Shorter appointments; (3) Precise, beautiful, and long-lasting dental work.

It is very gratifying to me to change the way a patient perceives themselves.  I have made many patients over the years change how they perceive their ability to handle dentistry.  I make it easier for you with the use of rubber dam.


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