Microscopy Dentistry




Microscope-enhanced dentistry enables Dr. Foushee to provide a higher standard of care. All diagnostic and restorative dentistry is performed under 4.8 times magnification.


Diagnostically, microscopy greatly improves the ability to see any problems with your teeth and gums before they have an opportunity to become more serious. Microscopic dentistry enhances the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of potential problems and allows for early detection. Early diagnosis and treatment saves you time and money by allowing things to be corrected before they become a major issue. We want to help you preserve your smile.


Restoratively, microscopy gives better results.  Restorations fit better if done using microscopy.  If they fit better, there is less chance for recurrent decay or creating what I call iatrogenic tartar.  That’s the term I use for restorative ledges and misfits that inflame gums and cause periodontal disease.


Suffice it to say that dental problems start on the microscopic level and microscopic problems need microscopic solutions.

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