Porcelain Restoration

Once upon a time, dentists who used anesthetic techniques called themselves painless dentists to distinguish themselves from dentists who did not use these techniques.  The term “painless dentist” is not used anymore.  The fact that using this terminology is against the dental practice act is not to the point I want to make.  Here’s the point I want to make:  I am convinced that one day the term “cosmetic dentist” will go the way of the term “painless dentist”.  Why?  Just as today we EXPECT dentists to use anesthetic techniques, we now EXPECT dentists to use cosmetic techniques.  There is no reason not to.  As I mentioned in my previous essay on Cosmetic Dentistry, cosmetic techniques are in complete harmony with functional dentistry.  Porcelain restorations are strong, durable, beautiful, and placed with minimal tooth reduction.


Porcelain allows light into the tooth so it can glow beautifully just as a natural tooth does.  You might be interested to know that a tooth acts not unlike a piece of fiber-optic material.  The light enters the tooth through the crown and travels down the root into the bone.  If you ever noticed someone with old-fashioned porcelain fused to metal crown whose gums look gray?  This is because the metal keeps out the light and the root is in shadow and its gray color is seen through the gingival crest.  This doesn’t happen with all-porcelain crowns.


If you are unhappy with your smile, you want cosmetic dentistry in Aliso Viejo from me, Dr. Richard Foushee.  I can give you a totally different smile. I can lengthen or shorten your teeth, straighten them, brighten them, fix chips, and erase discolorations and spots all through the application of bonded porcelain.  Thanks to porcelain restorations, you can have the same beautiful smile as many celebrities.


With my magnification loops, I see everything!
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With my magnification loops, I see everything!
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