Removable Prosthetic


Removable Prosthetics refers to full dentures and partial dentures.  When a patient can’t afford implants or fixed bridgework, removable prosthetics become the treatment of choice.


A well designed full denture spreads the forces over all available mucosa thereby minimizing destructive forces that would accelerate bone loss.  The analogy here is that if you were lying on the ground, it would hurt less if you were stepped on by someone wearing snowshoes than by someone wearing high heels.


A well-designed partial denture unifies the dental arch.  A well-designed partial denture puts the biting forces down the long axis of the teeth as nature intended.  A well-designed partial denture is hygienic.


Just because we know that patients are liable to be happier with a non-removable treatment does not mean that we give short shrift to our removable prosthetic treatment plans.  I was well-schooled at UCLA School of Dentistry in the design and application of removable prosthetics by pioneers in the field.  I take as much pride in my work with removable prosthetics as I do in all my work.

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