Annette Williams

Annette Williams
Hello.  My name is Annette.  I first met our beloved Dr. Foushee in 2002.  I was so nervous, I remember looking around his office and being impressed how detail oriented he must be and then his very sincere smile.  I still remember like it was yesterday….Dr. Foushee looking at my very impressive dental hygiene resume for all of 30 seconds before he pointed at his wall above the front desk and said “Can you tell me what that music says or how to read it”?  It was a giant piece of sheet music art on the wall which depicted a Beatles song.  I took a deep breath of relief and it was then I knew I was home.
In 2008 I resigned at work to move to the enchanting state of New Mexico to help family.  I have to tell you, it was quite painful to leave my lovely OC patients and dental family (Ary and Doc) to go to the Native American reservation/oilfield crew of patients. I learned a lot…..including how to transition from classical violin playing to fiddle/picking blue grass performance.
In 2015, I moved back to California, following my sweet daughters to USC for college and my youngest to Mission Viejo High School.  In the last few years I have had some amazing dental adventures in a Pediatric office for children, and an Elder care practice where I worked in Nursing homes for a dental and cosmetic office in Laguna Niguel.
I am so happy now, in 2019, to be back with my treasured Dental family with Dr. Foushee. I recently married the love of my life….the awesome piano player, Mr. Flowers.  My two daughters, and now a brilliant son-in-law, are healthy and happy to be back in California.
I play violin/fiddle music every weekend with a church band in various churches, with my husband.  We also volunteer at a nursing home and share music as we know how impactful music can be to bring hope and light back into the shadows of assisted living. I still serve today on the board of Directors of a Native American mission school for children on the Dine’ reservation in New Mexico.
Oh……… and I do have a four-year degree in Dental Hygiene from Loma Linda University. I graduated in 1990. I am trained in laser dental hygiene and specialize in soft tissue management with my expanded functions license. In 2016, I received an award for best study club OC hygienist in diagnosing perio treatment in the area of dental recession diagnosis and treatment. My favorite part of all dental things… making a difference in one’s health and doing it with LOVE.


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