Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

You may ask yourself, “Should I whiten my teeth?”  A good rule of thumb is if your teeth are darker than the whites of your eyes, your smile could be enhanced by whitening your teeth.


Over time, it is natural for teeth to fade and lose their luster since dentin (the tooth structure under the enamel) darkens with age. Also, the enamel will pick up stains over the years from various foods and beverages.


You can make your smile vibrant once again. It is easy, comfortable, and inexpensive. Whether you want beautiful teeth for a specific event or just overall satisfaction, whatever your reason, we want to help you look your best. Teeth whitening is the easiest way to restore a radiant smile. We offer a simple-to-use at-home bleaching process that can give you a blinding white smile in about two weeks.  Since the effect is cumulative over the two weeks, we can control the desired the amount of whitening.


Remember that tooth whitening only works on natural teeth.  So, any man-made restorative materials such as composites or porcelain will not bleach.  Fortunately, these materials can be replaced with lighter composites or porcelains to match the newly bleached natural tooth surface.

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